Health Ticket

BAS Health Ticket, included with myBAS Health Portfolio, is a unique network provider lookup and information tool designed to help you navigate the healthcare system. The tool will walk you through selecting the appropriate provider based on your search criteria and benefit plan. Once a provider is selected a virtual ID card is generated that is ready to be presented to the provider at the appointment. 

Health Ticket Features
  • A centralized directory of all providers;
  • In and out-of-network options are provided, with the best cost providers highlighted;
  • If the provider is in the plan network, only the network schedule of benefits will be shown. If the provider is not in the network, only the non-network benefit schedule will be shown;
  • Includes relevant plan information such as benefit schedule, pre-certification requirements, prescription plan details as well as instructions for eligibility verification and claims submission for the provider selected;
  • The Health Ticket is also date and time stamped to further ensure member eligibility accuracy.

BAS Health Ticket

BAS Health

Founded in 1983, BAS is national in scope with offices in Chicago and St. Louis.

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