BAS Health Care Service Model

Health Care ServicesManaging the health of your members and the financial strength of your benefit program stems from many different avenues. The health care of your members is directly influenced by the programs and tools available to help them become better consumers, live well, and access appropriate care when needed. The financial strength of your health care plan comes from accurate claims adjudication, strong negotiated cost savings and the overall success of helping the members access health care effectively.

Through extensive reporting, analytics and medical management programs, BAS uses a variety of tools to identify trends in cost increases and opportunities to help improve the member’s health care experience. BAS has an internal medical management team that reviews pre-certification reports daily to find and direct members with emerging health care issues. By identifying them early in their treatment process, the member can be better prepared to deal with their illness. This also helps in preparing the plan sponsor and stop loss carrier for potentially high claims.

BAS Health

Founded in 1983, BAS is national in scope with offices in Chicago and St. Louis.

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